Scale model scenery is too expensive, and the realism is not always there even if you pay a lot for it.

I'm trying to change that, by offering a series of really affordable model railroading papercraft designs, ones that have a photographic sort
of reality to them because they were actually originally modeled in a high-end 3d software, then textured with real-world photographic elements as a resource.

Better still, they're often designed to be modular and thus reconfigurable, such that a single set can be assembled in various ways!.

This site's been quiet for years. I am sorry about that. But now - finally - I'm giving the beautiful and charming art of miniature buildings another shot.

The first attempt to push forward in this direction was a series of Z and N scale 3d-printed models made using Shapeways, but 3d printing is insanely expensive to do, and there's obviously much more value to be gained from the simple art of papercrafting.

As a result of shifting to purely paper-based designs, I am now able to offer sets of buildings pre-printed on cardstock, shipped to you, or for all scales below HO, in digital file format at a standardized $1.49.

Pre-printed products are also available and cost more but even those are very reasonably priced.

Orders above $35 total include free shipping. The items are all set to be sold through Etsy and (soon) eBay.

I offer the physical shipping option for two reasons.

Firstly, not everybody has a functional home printer and good cardstock. Secondly, for larger scales, the cardstock I'm printing and shipping will in some cases need to be on a larger format of paper, either 11x17 inch tabloid size or even 13x19 for O scale. Few people have such printers.

That, incidentally, is why I am not offering the O scale size initially. I myself lack the requisite large format printer for all of that at the moment, and am hoping to buy one shortly for the purposes of this venture. Though I'm unsure of the O scale market for papercraft, I have nonetheless made sure all textures will hold up and appear detailed at even that larger scale. 

If you wish to browse existing products, in the smaller scales and you express interest in them in the first month or so following launch [Now, Jan. 20, 2021], I may be able to justify grabbing that new high-end printer sooner than expected.

Right now you can browse building sets by region, on this site but don't be surprised to find that at the moment only the first set of products are listed, a 'Tudor style' British village set available in HO, N, Z, and T scale. 

Affordably Priced!
Shipped pre-printed pages of cardstock by scale:

HO scale - $7.99 + shipping
N scale - $5.99 + shipping
Z scale - $4.99 + shipping
T scale - $3.99 + shipping
Each item is very cheaply priced even when pre-printed and shipped directly to the customer. All products are, in fact, under $9 (plus shipping) and the shipping is free on all Etsy orders over $35!
Whether you use tiny 'T' scale or the standard HO, or anything in between, I can offer you models that fit your layout.
Photography-based textures mean that these models look surprisingly lifelike and realistic!